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Three Months Business Mastermind Programme

Five topics in three months will guarantee a transformational make-over of your business, your time, and your cash flow; even if you’re starting your business from scratch.

This works regardless of the kind of products or services you’re bringing to the market.

Only 30 seats available!

Join the Business-changing Mastermind Programme

In a world where taking your business online seems to be a shortcut to business sustainability and growth, there’s no guarantee that your company will run efficiently. So, before you go digital, you need to attend this Mastermind programme.

However, if you’re already online, you should still attend, because the online world has a way of magnifying any loopholes in small businesses. The truth is that until the software is fixed, the hardware will always produce the wrong results.

In this Mastermind programme, you’ll learn about five key business topics:

1. Strategy and Idea Management

Even if you don’t have a clue what a business strategy is, we’ll show you a simple way to create a strategic plan that’s easy to implement and allows you to demonstrate the value you want to share through your business.

2. People Management and Personal Development

There are so many parts to managing people. You’re going to need motivated and engaged people to run a successful business, and we’ll provide simple tools to create an environment where your business works according to the rules that you set, without having to do much supervising and motivation all the time.

3. Financial Management

Are you confused or overwhelmed with the financial side of your business? This programme will assist you with strategic planning, organising, controlling, and understanding financial reports with ease.

4. Sales and Marketing

In a world where there are plenty of options for buyers, you’re going to learn the operations and activities involved in promoting and selling your products and services. The biggest question customers ask is why they should buy your products or services compared to those of your competitors. We’ll also include the processes and techniques involved, to give you the competitive edge.

5. Systems and Quality Control

This is an area where your business can very easily run on autopilot. With the right systems, you’ll put a set of business processes in place that are focused on consistently meeting your customers’ requirements and enhancing their satisfaction, all aligned with your organisation’s purpose and strategic direction.

We’re offering all of these to you for just $75! (N30,000 or R1,400 Equivalent)

Only 30 seats available!

Join the Mastermind Programme

The most important aspect of the Mastermind programme, besides the knowledge shared by our experts, is the practical aspects that is included in the scope of the programme.

You’re probably wondering why two organisations are prepared to run a Mastermind Programme for three months for as low as $75 (N30,000 or R1,400 equivalent).

When we discussed the Mastermind programme, we realised that we both have a passion to help young entrepreneurs to set themselves up for the next level without even knowing it. We want to help you to be successful first time round, rather than becoming another failing statistic.

At the end of the Mastermind programme we’ll offer you some extra value-adds to give you encouragement and support that will encourage you to sign up to a further FREE two-week interaction in strategic partnership processes.

Incredibly good, right?

Sign up now before it’s too late. There are only 30 seats available!

Only 30 seats available!

You should Register Now if:

Investing an hour a week to set yourself up for the battle ahead is the most valuable thing you can do right now! Learn how to create strategies to position your business above the confusion level.

Our major aim for you after the programme is to know the pathway to building your business, even if you’re starting all over again from scratch.

Meet the Facilitators:

Kerstin Jatho

Director, 4Seeds Consulting (Pty) Ltd. (South Africa)

Kerstin’s many years in corporate environments gives her the ability to identify the ‘fool’s gold’ chased by so many. This allows her to support people to recognise the opportunities they may be blind to. She is a certified Inner Life Skills Coach (2009) and completed an internationally recognised life coaching diploma with the Life Coaching Institute in the UK (2010). She also holds a global accreditation as a Happiness @ Work Facilitator. Kerstin is part of a select master group, and was responsible for implementing and actively endorsing the Science of Happiness @ Work in South Africa.

If that isn’t enough, she is an ICF Global internationally accredited PCC coach (2017), and has been rigorously trained on the core competencies of coaching through an American coach training school (Fast Tack 2012). Kerstin is a member of the International Coach Federation and the ICF Gauteng Chapter, all networks for independent and qualified coaches. In 2012, she was the Executive Portfolio Member of the ICF Gauteng Chapter, actively sharing ideas and growing the coaching profession throughout Gauteng.

Kerstin has a Master’s Degree in Applied Positive Psychology and a B.Com Degree in Economics and Accounting. She is currently working towards her PhD in Applied Leadership.

She has 18 years’ experience in the financial services sector, during which time she served as a corporate governance and risk director. Kerstin has a strong background in corporate business and hands-on leadership, as well as management experience and in-depth financial understanding. She understands the challenges that middle and executive management are confronted with in their professional and personal lives. She knows that the complexity of integrating work and family into a united, harmonious, and fulfilling life can be a challenging balance to obtain and maintain.

Chibuike Egbujiem (B.A., TCP, PMP)​

President/CEO, Sound Mind Buildup (Nigeria)

Chibuike founded Sound Mind Buildup to help young business owners and professionals develop and grow in any situation. He teaches strategies that helped him start his own business with no money, scaling it up very successfully after conquering the odds against him.

Chibuike is an alumnus of Sean Cussons Business School in Nigeria where he majored in management consulting (the consulting process). He also attended Faith House Leadership Institute in Nigeria where he studied leadership. Chibuike is a member of the British Project Management Academy in the UK, and is also an alumnus of Rahn Wesley Institute of Management in the UK where he majored in quality management.

He has a Bachelor’s degree from Imo State University, Owerri in Nigeria, and is a member of YALI Network, an alumnus of YALI RLC West Africa. He has a certificate on The Fundamentals of Digital Marketing from Google, a certificate in human resources management and entrepreneurship, and other professional achievements.

Chibuike Egbujiem has become a multi-dimensional personality: a trainer, human capital development expert, management consultant, motivational speaker, and professional and personal development coach to many from different fields. He has trained people in audiences of fewer than 20 people to more than 10,000 at conferences, NYSC orientation camps, religious gatherings, trainings, courses, and virtual platforms, etc. He had also worked with Sean Cussons Consulting Group, De-Cien Int. Company Ltd, and currently moonlights at the Novelle Center in Nigeria.

Sign up now. Only 30 seats available!

Join the 3-Month Business Mastermind Programme

Equivalent: NGN30,000 or R1,400

Your enrollment is processed through Paystack; sales VAT may apply. For further enquiry contact: soundmindbuildup@gmail.com or Call: +2347035200720


Iris Himmel

We can and will speak openly and recommend your services whenever the occasion arises and wish 4 SEEDS well in all its endeavours – of which there are many, we are convinced.

Iris Himmel

Helmut Neumann

The coaching and mentoring process has provided me with the support, focus and guidance that I needed. Having a knowledgeable partner, such as Kerstin, by your side that encourages you to review your business week after week allows no room to slack off – results are therefore a natural outcome. Through the coaching process my walk-in sales grew by 500% and at the end of the month I could make sense of my financial statements.

Neville Rodrigues

Managing Director, House of Pebbles

Kendrick Nelson Obi

Chibuike Egbujiem is always ready and willing to share his knowledge of business development, management, and growth, in detail, through strategies, systems, and structures, etc. I’m actually a young entrepreneur, starting up as a young business owner, and struggling with certain things. Chibuike has helped me with the tools I needed to implement in my business. He has always shared his knowledge with both young and old entrepreneurs who want to scale their businesses. He is the right person for any growing business(man).

Kendrick Nelson Obi

KON Services

Miracle Ogbonna

Chibuike Egbujiem is such an experienced individual, and I must say that I’m lucky to have listened to him. He is intellectually sound and has a sensitive personality. He was focused on building me up as a professional every second and minute of every day, through consistent reminders on the essence of the programme. He’s got good communication skills as well as a gift of being patient and highly-developed in understanding leadership and interpersonal relationships. He is, in one word, UNIQUE.

Miracle Oluchi Ogbonna

Head of System Administration Nigeria

Engr Nduwuisi Uba

Chibuike possesses the will power to get things done, helping other young people to actualize their personal, professional and Entrepreneurship goal.


CEO, New Era Concerns Nigeria Company.


Chibuike possesses a strong passion for human capital development and since, his impact in that regard has manifested in his ability to train others… His programs on Leadership, Personal, Career and Business Coaching are very promising.

Victor Ephraim Ene

Registrar </br
Cross River University of Technology, Calabar.

Emeka Uzowihe

In both Professional and Business realms, Chibuike is a Leader!
He is able to communicate with people both young and old and he is positive and friendly too. His adaptability makes him the perfect person for you and your business. Any project he sets on, he must complete. Chibuike is the real definition of a goal getter and go-getter!

Emeka Uzowuihe

Director, emeka.uzowuihe.com

Working with Kerstin was an enlightening experience… She did not only help me overcoming career related issues but I can say now that working with her triggered a much bigger change which I´ve slowly become aware of.

Francesca Fabricio

Private Labels Director for Zoot

Chris Harper

When I started seeing Kerstin, I had a ‘2016 dream’ of expanding my business – at the time this all seemed totally impossible both financially and time wise – but now 3 years later I am half way to making this dream a reality. I greatly appreciate all the support and wise advice I have received from Kerstin and would definitely recommend her services to anyone else who needs to make positive growth happen in their life.

Chris Harper

Reg. Orthotist & Prosthetist

Sign up now. Only 30 seats available!

Join the 3-Month Business Mastermind Programme



Equivalent: NGN30,000 or R1400

Your enrollment is processed through Paystack; sales VAT may apply. For further enquiry contact: soundmindbuildup@gmail.com or Call: +2347035200720